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Chicken Cutlets with Fresh Diced Tomatoes

Chicken Cutlets with Fresh Diced Tomatoes

This is by far my favorite summer chicken dish. I’m just throwing that out there right now. I have a feeling you’re not surprised. Let me just say that there is an art to pan searing chicken cutlets and when they reach that perfect balance between crispy exterior and tender interior with just the right … Continue reading


There is a story for that. And it dates back about 14 years, to a time before calorie counting and curfews, when all that mattered was the sound of the garage door rumbling to life. The short version, though, is that this is the story of a 20something who fell in love with food before any boys ever caught her eye. It's a story of the smells we remember and the fullness we crave and the family that always brought that to the kitchen table.

Each week, we'll feature a recipe made by my father, a man who has wrapped most of his life up in giving all he has for his family. Along the way, you'll learn bits and pieces of memories that house themselves inside my childhood kitchen and stick with me from miles away.

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