The Story

This blog has been in the making for almost two years now. And to be honest, my dad is not the first person I’ve tried to convince to start a food blog. In college, my roommate baked three days a week, often at hours of the night when most of us were already dreaming of breakfast. But she, like him, didn’t understand the reason I was pushing so hard. And it is this: I am a storyteller and a memory keeper.

Food, for me, has always been a channel to something else. Rather than tell you this blog is intended to supply you with the perfect 20-minute weekday meal or the Sunday dinner you’ll need to impress your girlfriend’s parents, I’ll stick with the truth — that with food comes a multitude of memories and moments not easily thrown into the trash can with the dirty napkins. I have wanted, for so long, a place to share those memories and moments with you. Here it is.



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